Impression – Anatomy Of A Magazine

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On Friday we looked at what makes up a magazine, it’s stereotypical formats and conventions. We discussed what they are and why they exist. In pairs in the library we looked at publications and noted down detailed accounts of everything we saw, presenting to each other what we had found. With a small day brief, we were asked to design our own magazine cover based on our findings, we set about trying to think of ways to break away from these conventions, turn them on their head, subvert them. Me and Silvia took the platform of the Architecture magazine. Looking at Icon, Frame and A + U, noting down what they all did, (ie. photos of buildings, glossy, coverlines etc), we then tried to do the opposite.

We called our magazine BLOCK.

There was to be no image, block colours, black & yellow, small title, big issue number, big barcode.

This one hour task was a lot of fun, and we came out with something we both thought was a great product. I was actually excited to present, which is definitely not normally the case !

All photos by Finn Kidd. Final Artwork F. Kidd & S. Liano




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