Creative Industry Practice – Market Ready Brief

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Emma Thatcher, creative enterprise manager at Accelerator came to present to us our new brief; Market Ready.

Split into groups of about six, we had to create a company, visual identity and idea of product/s to sell at the Christmas Market on December 4th at the Sunday Up Market in Spitalfields. An exciting opportunity…

Looking at our strengths and interests within our group, we came up with the idea of having a music themed stall, concentrating on posters, prints and postcards. A portrait of whoever we choose and a quote or lyrics. Each person will choose their own artists they wish to visualise, this way we will cover more genres and age groups, opening up a wider audience demographic, as well as celebrating the diversity of our group.

Running with the name Mash Up(a play on our collective musical and artistic input) and using each members favourite colour to create the colour pallet we’re ready to go.

Also the logo has a lightning bolt through it as a nod to Bowie 🙂

Now we have to plan and research, work out printing methods, materials, budget, prices, etc…

All photos by Finn Kidd. Featured title image Sunday Up Market website title graphics. 


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