Impression Identity

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Today we worked out what Studio Impression is all about, what our new publishing imprint stands for.

First though we had show and tell. Looking at our research into company identities, such as Vogue, Penguin, I-D, ENO, Kat Von D and Yorokobu. I chose to look at Sub Pop‘s branding as well as Penguin. It was great to see what everyone had chosen, and to learn little things about each one. For example, I never realised the ID logo is a winking face! very subtle. 😉

We then looked through classic logos(ie. Apple, Nike, V&A etc) and Alistair talked through the histories and processes behind each.

After, separated into groups, we discussed our views on what we thought the ethos of our new imprint should be, or what we thought it already was. asking ourselves these three important questions…

  • Who are we?
  • What do we do?
  • Why should anyone care?

We then built what we had all come up with into a basic manifesto and brief, and got to work on some very quick logo designs as a jumping off point…

All photos by F. Kidd


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