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Yesterday we had to watch the film Made You Look by Anthony Peters

“Made You Look is a documentary about the UK DIY graphic arts scene of the 21st century. Via candid interviews with top British creatives, publishers and agency owners we explore the fact that more people than ever seem to be turning to analogue means of creating things, even though we are living at the height of the digital era.”

It features interviews with such people as Kate Moross, Hattie Stewart, Pete Fowler, Peepshow Collective and Print Club London.

Exploring the relationship between analogue and digital practice in the age of theĀ internet.

The general conclusion was that the mouse and the brush can live parallel, side by side, and inform each other. The computer just speeds things up, and social media allows people to see your work quicker, but maybe makes it harder to stand out.

The film itself was a great insight into the contemporary graphic arts world, and the whos who and their preferred practices. But I did feel the music really let it down, just a very odd choice of soundtrack, incredibly twee, emotional, soft, dramatic instrumental pieces that made you feel like you were watching a life insurance advert. Very strange.

Personal highlight from the film was Hattie Stewart. She came across great, speaking really well about her own work and the general world around it. Plus her stuff is just really cool.


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