Publishing Unbound

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Our first proper brief of the year; Publishing Unbound — a collected view from London on contemporary design publishing.

This is very exciting, the basic premise being each of us has to design and make a poster-zine about contemporary publishing practice. The content will be whatever we personally find out, collate, collect, research on said subject, ie. an interview we do with someone in the industry. We then have to create a bespoke binding to bind all of our zines together, again we do this individually. Running along side this will be a competition for the branding of our studio publishing imprint ‘Impression’.

We also did a show and tell with TPS that we had chosen from magazines. I chose a section in the Counterpoint Magazine which I purchased at MagCulture last week. This was fun as it got everyone talking and discussing ideas and their views on design. Felt like we all got to know a little more about each other and what we’re into.


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