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So we got to go back stage at some great companies on Friday. The best part about these studio visits is hearing people talk about their practice and/or history of their work. I find it very inspiring that we could do the same, achieve something similar, because everything starts off somewhere, and usually somewhere small.

Hato started with them simply investing in a Riso printer to help with their final project, the demand from friends to use it snowballed into a publishing company. Seven years on and they have a successful publishing company, a design studio and a digital design outlet.

MagCulture started as a basic WordPress blog about his love of all things magazine. Now he has his own shop.

Not that it’s about success or “achieving”, but it is great to see what’s possible. Both Hato and MagCulture seem like really great companies that it would be great to work for or be involved with at some point.

We also popped into Fedrigoni in Clerkenwell, Fedrigoni is “a global enterprise of several integrated companies producing everything from art paper and stationery to paper security systems and banknotes.” In their own words there. Giuseppe Fedrigoni founded his first paper mill in 1717 in Rovereto, Italy. So a pretty long standing, BIG company. It did have some interesting pieces(namely it’s very own Pulp Magazine, which you should look into) and hearing about the paper process was cool, but overall it was maybe slightly too corporate and mainstream to be inspired by, obviously I do love paper, but not as much as I love pens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Fedrigoni – Pulp Magazine

Hato Press studio, Hackney, London. 

MagCulture shop, Clerkenwell, London. Illustration by Alice Bowsher.

Fedrigoni UK, Cerkenwell, London.

All Photos by F. Kidd


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