Paths To Utopia and more…

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On Friday me and Lisa Wallius met up and went to Paths To Utopia, Bedlam, States Of Mind and Medicine Man (with a little walk through the British Museum, just because).

Paths To Utopia had this film about Moby Dick. A quiet soundscape, with fragments of people reciting quotes or interviews over the top whilst different footage of sea, whales, people, trees, boats, coral, stones, seasides, film sets etc. played on three screens simultaneously. I could have sat in this room for hours, i’m also really enjoying multiple screens showing footage that interacts with each other at the moment, much like the Charles and Ray Eames installation for IBM.

But the definite highlight was the room by Le Gun (the illustration collective), 3 walls completely covered in continuous drawings, the fourth wall, a display cabinet with handmade artifacts. In the middle of the room, taking up most of the room was a giant vase/pot, also covered in their drawings with a projection coming out the top onto the ceiling. Basically, it was great, and looks like a lot of fun to do.

Bedlam at the Wellcome Collection was ok, an exhibition looking at the history of mental asylums, and focusing mostly on the Hospital of Bethlehem at Moorfields, London, in the 1810s. It had some nice bits, mainly the display when you first walk in, a large, low table covered in photo montages, masks and notes from doctors about their patients. But I didn’t feel they encapsulated the feel of the subject matter in the presentation of the exhibition space, same can be said for the States Of Mind one, horribly distracting wood wall panels and fake chip marble cabinets.


Whereas the permanent exhibition of the Medicine Man, was a delight to walk into, everything in the room kept in with the dark, macabre mood of it all, transporting you into a different, rather enjoyably disturbing world.


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