Letterform Live: Gaming at Protein Gallery

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So it turned out we had some guest list for the Letterform Live talk at Protein on Wednesday, so I went along to have a listen…

The theme for this month was gaming, and the speakers were; Marie Fouston (V&A), Holly Gramazio (freelance game designer), Richard Hogg (Hohokum,Wild Rumpus), Toshi Omagari (Monotype), and Darren Hall (Read-Only Memory).

I was dubious about the “gaming” part, but this turned out to be a really enjoyable talk, each speaker had 10 minutes to present, and they were all really good, and so different from each other. I definitely learned a lot from they’re stories, whether it was how much work and ingenuity went into designing 8bit typefaces by Sega and Konami, or Hogg’s insight into becoming too shallow, and how his aesthetic snobbery has maybe meant that he can’t enjoy things for what they are.

Darren Hall’s was probably my favourite of the evening, a very brash and fun look at the demo-scene in the late 80s/early 90s. Delving in to things like Cracktros, and their aesthetic relation and evolution in to the early 90s rave culture. A great story of underground micro-culture told with a lot of wit and humour.

I would definitely recommend future Letteform Live events(I will be making as many as I can), as well as looking each of these speakers up.


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