Gerald Scarfe and more…

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On Saturday I went down to the Barbican to see the Gerald Scarfe exhibition in the library. This was a small presentation of his music related work, including Pink Floyd The Wall, The Magic Flute, Fantastic Mr Fox and Time Magazine. I do like Gerald Scarfe, but I don’t find his work to be that inspiring, I feel quite unconnected from it. So although it was enjoyable to see, I don’t feel I have much else to draw(no pun intended) from it.

Next up was the Graphic Art Fair by They Made This at Protein Gallery (once again). This was great, the walls were covered in prints from lots of different artists/practitioners, that somehow all made me want to go home and make stuff. The best part though was meeting Jimmy Turrell, not that I knew who he was, but I really liked the posters he was making at the fair, and it turns out he recently made a lyric video for Beck’s new record. So that was cool.

Also great work by Marcus Oakley and Chrissie Abbott.

Lastly on the walk home, we popped into Go to the “what is it?” page to learn more. But basically it had great giant cardboard produce boxes made out of MDF, very Warhol Brillo box. Also one of the banana boxes had been bought by Gilbert and George, which is amazing.


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