Utterly Moving Words – Final Outcome

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Here is my final outcome for our last project.

So for the letters, I chose different typefaces for each line, depending on how they felt with the words and mood of the line. Then I printed them all out onto coloured card flipped horizontally, this meaning that when I cut them out and turn them around it would be just the coloured card creating the letter, rather than the ink. I attached them onto the tape of the VHS with tiny pieces of blue tack, and then moved each letter incrementally across to give the illusion the tape was running. Cutting out the letters took the longest time, about 6 hours I think. The actual animating probably took around 4 – 5 hours.

Then I had the images and end text to do. With the drawing of the video and Sissy Spacek I printed out a still of each and then traced line by line on the light box, scanning after every line. The same approach was applied to the stencil text, only with Pro Markers instead. All three took a whole day, about 7/8 hours.

To create the green screen look for the VHS part, I rendered the stills as a movie file on Premiere and then re-imported and used an opacity mask to cut out the area around the tape. Moving and adjusting it for each frame. The footage behind is from various films and old tv adverts, chosen to match each line and the overall mood and concept of the piece. Including old surf films, East of Eden, Jackson Pollock, Rumble Fish, Frankenstein’s Bride and Badlands.

The music is an instrumental version of the song I wrote using the words(which I wrote). I recorded it on Reaper at Sleepwalker Studio in east London. Playing everything myself.

Here are some photos of the process and the finished film is at the bottom.


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