Utterly Moving Words – Day 2

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So today we looked at different ways you can interpret type and moving image as well as learning the basics of After Effects

Kieron showed us different animations and title sequences, as well a short film on Saul Bass. These were to broaden our ideas of moving type, and to think about different ways in which you can shoot a short piece of film.

Notable people/companies he mentioned:

Saul Bass (obvs)

Danny Yount http://dannyyount.com/

MK12 http://mk12.com/MKXII/

Tomato http://www.tomato.co.uk/


Here is a great video showing the best of Saul Bass’s title sequences…

The After Effects workshop was very useful for me, as I make music videos, but haven’t got so far as teaching myself After Effects yet, basing the majority of my editing in Premiere. It also shows you just how you can achieve with quite a limited knowledge of 3D editing. Very exciting. Especially for short animations and titles etc.


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