Collect, Analyse & (Re)assemble – Crit

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On Thursday we Had the hand in/Crit for the project. We set up a pop up exhibition downstairs in the cafe, as an exorcise in curating exhibitions, and displaying our work. It was a long day but a good day, some really great pieces by everyone and some really good feedback too.

I feel like we’re all getting better at presenting and talking about our work, as we all get to understand whats expected of us.

My main feedback was about the cover of my Algorithm book, and how it didn’t really live up to rest of it. Which is how I feel too, it doesn’t show off whats inside, and if anything makes the whole object look bad. But I do have a plan in place to fix it.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do a post on my final outcome/s yet as I left them at Uni, and have been unable to pick them up to photograph over the weekend. But will do tomorrow.

Here’s some photos of the day, I tried to get as many people as possible…

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