Secondary Bookbinding Workshop with Kieron

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On Monday we had a secondary bookbinding workshop with Kieron, this time practising the techniques as we learnt rather than just watching. The main focus of the day, like last time, was the Perfect bind with a French fold. We also learnt various other bookbinding methods through the day. Such as…

Number One, where you take 4 sheets of A4, fold them in half(A5) then fold in half again. Along the crease you make 2 pin pricks roughly the width of a ruler in from the edge, then cut from that point outwards on either side. Do the same with the other 2 sheets but cut between the pin pricks rather than outwards. Roll the first 2 up length ways and push through the middle of the other 2, then roll out so they slot in place. Done. Now you have a 16 page self binding A6 book.

Second. if you get some A5 sheets of plain paper and fold in half, then take a nice piece of card(coloured/office folder/etc), cut to size and fold in half to resemble your sheets. Do that twice so you have a back and front. Take a hole puncher and along the open end of each sheet(and cover) punch out a half circle at the top and bottom. Then place the sheets in between your 2 covers(with the creased side facing out, and the hole punched indentations lining up) and secure with an elastic band.

And lastly. The Z fold. This is very simple. Take a long sheet of card, dimensions to fit 3 A5 sheets in a row. Crease one side towards you, turn and do the same again the other end, creating a Z shape. Fold 8 sheets of A4 paper, put 4 in each crease in your Z card cover, and staple along the fold. Done.


Here are some photos from the day and the whole of the first book…

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