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So far iv’e sorted through all my videos and (just finished now) my vinyl.

I have 76 videos (as in VHS)

and approximately 276 (not counting all the records in the box set) records.

Broken down into sets/groups to create some sort of system (which i’m not happy with), it goes…

42 Post-Punk/Indie Pop 7″s

60 Post-Punk/Indie Pop 12″s/10″s

17 Beach Boys = eleven 12″s & six 7″s

23 Soundtracks = sixteen 12″s & seven 7″s

6 Buddy Holly = five 12″s & one 7″

4 Jazz LPs

28 + 1 box set Rock ‘n’ Roll/Crooners = twenty four 12″s & four 7″s

6 Beatles = four 12″s & two 7″s

6 Bowie = four 12″s & two 7″s

6 Velvet Underground/Lou Reed/ Iggy Pop LPs

11 Eurythmics = seven 12″s & four 7″s

37 80s/90s big pop/dance = nineteen 12″s & eighteen 7″s

14 Commercial indie = six 12″s & eight 7″s

7 60s/70s bands/songwriters = six 12″s & one 7″

9 70s New Wave/Ska = three 12″s & six 7″s

+ some randoms

and here are some photos to prove it…


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