Collect, Analyse & (Re)assemble – Matthew’s and Adrian’s talks

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On Monday Matthew gave a talk on collections. The idea that a collection can be anything, it could be just what you have in your pockets or your bag. Then moving onto a series of slides of record sleeves, and talked about different ways you could arrange things. Rather than in obvious ways like alphabetically, you could arrange by troubadours, rebels, artists who reference art to look more artistic etc. He also touched on being “authentic” within music, and how like any design, its just presentation essentially. Dylan presents himself as a troubadour, the “freeweelin’ Bob Dylan” but really he was nothing of the sort, he was just a middle class jewish kid, who looked up to “the real deal” Woody Guthrie and wanted to be like him.

Presentation is everything. What something appears to be to people is as important if not more than what something really is.

This was followed in the afternoon by Adrian doing a talk on memories, and putting yourself into your work. We looked at film maker Chris Cunningham, and how he references his own life and memories within his work. We watched a selection of his videos, including: Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy, Madonna – Frozen, Bjork – All Is Full Of Love and a self funded short called Rubber Jonny, which Aphex Twin did the music for. Unfortunately missing out The Horrors – Sheena Is A Parasite, which has to be one of his best videos.

And here is Sheena Is A Parasite just because…


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