The Soundtrack of Our Lives – Final Outcomes…

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Moving on from the mock ups I got into the screen -printing studio and got started on actually making them. I still wasn’t happy with the drawing of Nico so added some tone to one before starting work on a whole new based on the cut out profile I had of her already. I eventually decided to put some text on in the form of letterpress, I did a few test runs in the process.

So here are my finished posters, BUT due to a series of unfortunate events regarding to the Screen-Print room, I was never able to make my third and final poster. I did however mock up an idea of what it may look like on Photoshop and print it out in A2 to show as an example.

I’m really happy with them, but would like more time in the screen-print studio to experiment and get perfect prints and colour combinations. I think this project has really drilled in just how long you need to do screen-prints, when working on multiple designs. Also letterpress ink NEVER dries. I will now get a finished screen-print/letterpress version of the last poster done this week or next.



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