Soundtrack of Our Lives Crit

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So yesterday we had our first ever proper crit. Which I think we all thought was going to be slightly scary, but in fact was totally fine and quite fun. I feel we’re all getting used to presenting to each other now and are generally used to opinions flying around so didn’t seem like a big deal.

The three big questions of the day:

1 – What was your best bit of feedback? Probably Matthew’s suggestion about placing the type straight down the middle(over the lips) of my third(yet to be finished) poster.

2 – What have you learned with this project? I’ve learned to think about the scale you’re working in, to be more carefree with ideas and just try lots out, to manage your time well and appropriately for the means of production, and probably a lot more that I can’t remember right now.

3 – What is your action plan now? I want to finish this project, as in get in to the screen-print studio and letterpress and make the final poster so I have the finished series as a whole. Then I can reflect on it and put it in my portfolio. Also maybe make digital prints of each one, at least as a way of keeping them safe incase the originals get any marks on.


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