Illustrator/Designer Week 6 – Oliver Vaughan

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Number six is graphic designer Oliver Vaughan, known for creating the visual identity of the record label 4AD.

After attending Cover Club this week to see Alison Fielding in conversation it made me think about 4AD album artwork. She talked about the first sleeve she designed, and how much she was appalled by it now. its “horrible typefaces” etc, and I noticed it looked a lot like the artwork for all the 4AD albums I love(of course as part of Beggars Group she was working for 4AD at the time) and so thought I would look up who actually designed them.

I feel like his design is kind of terrible in so many ways (sometimes you can’t even read the type), but somehow I find myself drawn to it. It really is of its time, and although that means that its dated, it also means it actually defines something, creates a mood and aesthetic for a whole movement and generation.

Heres some of my favourites and a link to a good article about him on the V&A website:



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