Celebration Week

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Yesterday was our day to present as part of Celebration Week. We(well Cameron and Carlos, who did a great job!) got the chance to present our year to the rest of the Vis Comm family as well as to three chosen critics. Dan Dawson(Grand Visuals Theory), Steph Von Reiswitz(Le Gun) and Alistair Hall(We Made This). It was really interesting watching all the presentations from year 4 (ours) through years 5 and 6, and seeing the different ways everyone approached the task, as well as seeing what work the other years were doing, as it gave more of an idea of what we will be up to and what will be expected of us. All three critics kept reiterating the fact that presenting yourself and your work well is of huge importance, if you ever want to get work. One line I thought stood out and summed a lot up was when they were talking about the importance of sketchbooks and keeping a record of your process and development of ideas; “…so we can evaluate you as a creative person”

In regards to the Pecha Kucha style presentation, TIME! is the biggest thing to keep in mind, time your words well to work parallel with your slides.


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