Matthew Caley’s Talk

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Last week, Matthew Caley did a talk on his background and how he got to where he is today, delving heavily into his love of Post-Punk and literature. Being a big fan of Post-Punk(and literature) I thought it was great seeing him talk about bands like Magazine and The Monochrome Set, as well as how he fell in love with that side of music and the path it took him on. He also spoke about how he doesn’t like to say that he’s a Graphic Designer but rather he works within The Triangle of Image, Text and Sound, and how this is a good way to think about how you work.

A little later in the day he showed us other ways of approaching the Soundtrack of Our Lives project, pushing us to think about the size that you work in, if the posters are A2 then do your development in A2, get a feel for the scale, think about what works at this size and what doesn’t, where it should be shown, what height. An A2 sheet of paper is roughly the same size as your torso. He also talked about the Golden Ratio, 2 thirds to 1 third idea when thinking about the composition of your sheet of paper.

Afterwords he showed off his portfolio, which held such gems as album artwork for Hurrah! and Prefab Sprout.

Matthew is also a published poet, and writer. His new book Rake was released this month, buy it here…


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