Critical Design Thinking day 2

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In day two of Critical Design Thinking we looked at fanzines, their history and the culture surrounding them. I’ve always had a love of zines and have contributed to a few over the years as well as making some myself as part of nights i’ve run. Sara brought in some books for us to look through, namely these two…

  • Fanzines, Teal Triggs, 2010
  • Behind The Zines: Self Publishing Culture, 2011

I’m also currently working on starting a new music magazine, so I found myself mentally taking notes for that too. Here are some of the highlights from Teal Triggs’s book…

Our brief for the day was to come up with and plan out an idea for a collective zine, one page each along with a front and back cover. The idea had to fit into one of the following themes: Aesthetics, Epistemology, Ethics, Logic, Metaphysics or Politics.

After brainstorming for a while, I went down the politics route, choosing to make a comment on our Governments treatment of the NHS.

After lots of research and development of the idea, I was originally going to draw the whole thing, but apparently Cameron is impossible to draw (I think it may be his lack of a face). But as the whole joke rested on it being obviously him, so I thought it would work best as photos, cut up and collaged on top of an ink painted background.

Here is my final piece…


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