Critical Design Thinking Day 1

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Fresh back from the holidays, we got stuck into Critical Design Thinking with Sara. A presentation in the morning followed by a small task; answering questions of critical design thinking with illustrations, this was good but made a lot more sense once the presentation had sunk in.

In the afternoon we headed to the Design Museum, trips out are always good, and the design museum didn’t disappoint. I’ve made a list of my favourite pieces, and there are also some photos presented below.

  • Kenzotopia. Designed by Toni Helonen 
  • Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables. Designed by Marcel
  • 100 Years of Swiss Design. Designed by NORM
  • Dragonfly. Designed by Odo Fioravanti. Manufactured by Segis Spa, Italy
  • Forfatterhuset Kindergarten. Designed by COBE
  • No Man’s Sky by Hello Games, UK
  • House For Trees. By Vo Trong Nghia Architects, Vietnam
  • Waterbank Campus. Designed by PITCHAfrica
  • One Central Park. Designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel for Frasers Properties and Sekisvi House, Australia

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