Drawing Week

Blog, Drawing, Mark Making, Visits, Visual Communication

Monday 7th and Thursday 10th

Monday we had Orly again, this was a fun day, we had to think about how to show life and emotion through buildings. We weren’t aloud to use faces and we had to think about how the materials we used would exaggerate the emotion. Using the building we were in we explored new areas to draw from, finally creating a poster to place in situ within the building, thinking about how it spoke to us.

Then on Thursday we had Emily for the first time, she wanted us to be free with how we approached mark making, to try to approach drawing things in a way we weren’t comfortable with, using lots of different tools to create a variety of expressions. We made our own tools out of card and sticks and whatever random objects we found and then went to the Barbican in the afternoon to capture the surroundings using these tools. I really enjoyed this day, being out and just drawing from real life and really trying to push yourself in thinking about the best way to capture whats in front of you using a variety of techniques. Also being in the Barbican is always great.


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