Hothouse Talk – Paul Jenkins

Hothouse Talks, Visual Communication

This was a couple of weeks ago but I completely forgot to post about it until now :/ 

Paul Jenkins runs Triple Double, a multi-disciplinary design studio. He had some good points about how to approach your work and clients, and he has done some interesting projects. Although overall I didn’t enjoy his talk as much as other people we’ve seen recently, like Sarah Borris for example, whose outlook I could relate too more. Here are a few good quotes from him and some pics…

Immersion. To become an expert, become an expert. Collaborate. Create. Just Do It. Edit. Eliminate the unnecessary. Be the best you can be. Its your process. Think about how you talk to the client, how you present. Show your process only when its relevant. Add a buffer zone, 50% to your time. Test it, improve it. Do stuff by hand as much as possible. Be quick, don’t be precious. Be politely persistent. Collaborate every step of the way. Bring your personal interests into everything. People are more important than ideas.


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