Animation Week

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Week starting 16/11/15

This week we had animation with Kieron, he played us a selection of short animations, showing different styles and approaches to the medium.


He then took us through the animation process using a computer with a hooked up camera and a program called DragonFrame.


In the afternoon we were set the task of creating our own storyboard, we discussed our ideas and he offered his thoughts and tips on how to realise them. I decided to do a stop motion piece of the solar system, and the orbital rotations of its planets. This relating to another project I have going at the moment, so thought it would be fun, and may even be able to go towards an exhibition in January. Using coloured card spheres to represent the planets from a flat birds eye view against a black background. During this time we also watched a few more animation shorts and chose some ourselves, I chose Darkness Light Darkness by Jan Svankmejer along with some of his Alice adaptation as well as clips from Fantastic Planet by Rene Laloux, some of my favourite more surrealist animations.


Kieron suggested we use stop motion apps on our phones to alleviate the time constraints of us all using the one or two computers with the set up needed. So on Wednesday I downloaded an app called Stop Motion Studio and set to work making my animation. With some coloured card and a cardboard box I set up my own mini studio. Pointing a lamp into the box and placing my phone on the top with a hole for the lens to look through. Once done I put it in Premiere and cropped, changed the brightness/contrast and looped it, and here it is…

BUT, I wanted to make a more finished one, so after speaking to Kieron on Thursday morning I got prepared and waited to use the computer set up, I did a quick test a little earlier whilst we were waiting and then I proper complete one later. Using DragonFrame really helped in getting smoother and more accurate movement, having great tools like onion skin.

WP_20151119_003WP_20151119_004WP_20151119_002   WP_20151119_010 WP_20151119_011

I then took that final animation and started editing it in Premiere to play with overlays, zooms and image repetition. This I am still working on and will post up the final finished piece in a few days!

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 22.30.10 Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 22.30.37


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