Kibbo Kift Kindred at the Whitechapel

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Tuesday 27/10/15

This week in CCS we went to the Kibbo Kift Kindred archive exhibition at The Whitechapel Gallery. We were asked to make notes and think about certain aspects of the exhibition.

IMG_1452IMG_1453IMG_1454IMG_1455Book-selection Hargraves Image-5-Kibbo-Kift-Kindred-men-and-boys-on-camp-parade-with-totems-1925 Kibbo Kift 3 kibbo_kift3 Kibbo-Kift-Kindred-members-at-camp-1928.-Courtesy-of-Judge-Smith-Kibbo-Kift-Foundation.-e1445254592701 kibbo-kift-leaflet-economic-collapse Kindred-dancers kinlaw large Will-Scarlet-gleemaster p034m2dj


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