Further Animation Experimenting

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Here is the finished animation put into Premiere Pro and then messed about with. It is in no way finished but shows ideas I’ve been looking at…


Typography Week

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Monday 23/11/15

At the beginning of the day we were split into two groups, one would stay and learn the letter press and the other would go and research typography language and use illustrations to describe them. We would then swap round halfway through the day.

Mark Making Day 2

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Thursday 12/11/15

So on Thursday we had our second day of mark making, this time with a woman called Michelle. She gave a presentation on what she wanted to emphasise within mark making, talking about reductive mark making rather than additive mark making and the iterative process.

Mark Making Day 1

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Monday 09/11/15

On Monday we had mark making with Orly Orbach, first off she talked about working in theatre and how she thought the two should be intertwined, that it was important to be active and to think about movement and that we were going to combine exorcise and drawing.

Review Week Day 2 and The Eric Gill Series Exhibition

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Thursday 05/11/15

So on Thursday we looked through each others blogs, choosing three in each group that we would then present to the class. It was interesting seeing everyones approach to making the blogs and how each person updates and posts. Mine was very kindly chosen by one of the other groups as a one of their choices, and so they presented it and talked about what they thought was good, and also what could be maybe be improved upon. I think the approach to writing on other peoples I found most interesting, and will always be something i’m working to improve.

Review Week

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Monday 02/11/15

Review week, our first chance to see each others work, and show our work to our tutors. After splitting into our three groups we set out choosing three favourite projects who would present. My work for the photography workshop was chosen, so I had to present it to the class which was pretty nerve racking but I feel much better for getting it out of the way and think I did an ok job of it. Here are some photos I took of the day…