Photography Day 1

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Monday started off with Heather giving us a brief, the project was to create a five page spread using typology and text. We then had a lecture about photography and the use of typology, showing photographers that use format well.


We then went to the library to look at magazines for inspiration on the layout for our spread, and to discuss our ideas for the project. I had decided on doing a series of photos documenting the six to eight churches designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor.

WP_20151019_048 WP_20151019_047 WP_20151019_046 WP_20151019_044 WP_20151019_043 WP_20151019_042 WP_20151019_041 WP_20151019_040 WP_20151019_039 WP_20151019_038 WP_20151019_037 WP_20151019_035 WP_20151019_031 WP_20151019_027 WP_20151019_026 WP_20151019_025 WP_20151019_024 WP_20151019_023 WP_20151019_022 WP_20151019_021 WP_20151019_020 WP_20151019_019 WP_20151019_016 WP_20151019_015 WP_20151019_013 WP_20151019_012 WP_20151019_011 WP_20151019_008 WP_20151019_007 WP_20151019_005 WP_20151019_004


After lunch I did some research on the exact location of each of the churches, printed it out Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 14.13.49Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 14.15.31  Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 14.16.03and then set off for ChristChurch in Spitalfields, taking photos of any interesting details, and mainly trying to capture the height and power of the church, taking shots standing underneath the front and looking up at the spire. This I would carry through to all the churches. Next I made my way up to Old Street to find St Lukes. Then onto Wapping for St George in the East, and finally St Annes in Limehouse. By this point the evening was setting in and the light was fading so I called it a day and planned to resume on Wednesday.



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