Studio Culture Week Day 1

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On our first day of Studio Culture Week, we had a lecture from Sarah Boris, taking us through her work and 20 years long career. From starting out working in institutions such as the Barbican Centre and The ICA to being a freelance designer, and having her own studio/s to work in and the pros and cons of both. She talked about the troubles of managing your time between work and your private life and how it was always her dream to work for an institution like The Barbican, but she feels much happier now she’s not locked into an institution and she can work when and how she pleases.

After her presentation and a chat with our tutors we all made our way in groups to various studios across London. Our group was to meet at the JKR studio in Camden at 3pm. JKR was founded in 1990 by Joe Jones, Andy Knowles and Ian Ritchie. Once inside we were given a short tour of the work areas, first floor having accounts managers, creative, finance and creative directors all in very close proximity to one another, a very important factor to create a close working relationship between everyone within the team. Downstairs they have a presentation area with kitchen, and more creative, this time the team that finishes off all the details, ready for print. We were then given a presentation by one of the many creative directors on the company’s recent work and their history. Taking us through a journey of their designs for PG Tips, Budweiser, Berlei, Courvoisier, M&Ms, Wheaties, Penhaligon’s Perfume, Jura Whiskey, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Irn Bru and Tropicana. Along with their philosophy “Charisma by design”. Design as magnetism, characterful, impactful, branding to create a language, a tone of voice, a graphic language. Make sure you have a broader mindset, think about the narrative, everything should have a point and a purpose, to create a visual expression of the idea. Also make sure you play with the design, and once you have your design, reinvent it, reinvent it, reinvent it.

Unfortunately due to un-published work lying around we weren’t aloud to take many photos, but here are a few showing the stairs/presentation area, kitchen, gallery etc.IMG_0881 IMG_0882 IMG_0884 IMG_0885 IMG_0886 IMG_0887


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