Kieron’s Book Binding Workshop

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In this workshop Kieron showed us how to do a square book bind or perfect bind, with a french fold.


Before starting your book, think about what your publication is for. What kind of paper stock, should it be card, does it need to be durable, the scale. What is the format?

In this lesson we were taught how to make an A6 sketchbook. Perfect binding is relatively cheap. You’ll need PVA glue, a small piece of board and/or a glue spatular, some paper and a book block. The book block you can make yourself for about £3, two blocks of wood and two bolts with wing nuts. Starting with the paper, each of us folded two sheets of A4 paper in half so they were A5, WP_20151001_004then tore them at the crease. We then folded the now A5 sheets in half to make them A6 and then piled all the sheets together, matching the torn edges at the same end, and keeping the fold of each page on the outside together.


Taking six sheets and splitting them into half he then placed three inside each other and folded them over each block of wood to ensure you have a clean square edge on your book block. WP_20151001_014Taking all the remaining sheets together, he placed them inside of the book block and tightened the nuts until it felt about even, making sure that it wasn’t tighter on one side or the other, otherwise you will end up with a wonky book. WP_20151001_016WP_20151001_017

Then with the small piece of board he applied the glue to the spine of the book where all the pages were in the clamp, taking the small spatular he cleaned off the excess glue, 1 so it would dry quicker and 2 so the glue didn’t seep into the pages, then ruining your printed work. WP_20151001_018WP_20151001_020WP_20151001_021Once dry, he applied another four layers. Then he added the Scrim(a fabric much like Gauze/bandage) which will hold all the glue together.WP_20151001_025 Then finally on top of that the backing paper(basically brown parcel paper). WP_20151001_026

Once dry peel the excess sheets off. Always have more pages on both ends than you need incase there is any seepage of glue or any other problems. Taking A scalpel cut along the edges the clean off any ripped paper and dried glue.WP_20151001_022

And then you have your own handmade book(without cover).




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