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Zine Workshop

Keiron started this workshop by explaining what a zine is. A Fanzine. A small self published magazine concentrating on a specific subject (whether that be a Science Fiction zine as they started out as in the 1930s, a music zine celebrating a particular underground music scene, a political movement zine pushing and spreading the ideas of a particular party(Propaganda press), or even just a simple poster zine celebrating an idea about oneself, as he went on to make in the workshop). How they are versatile, cost effective and a great platform for sharing ideas and imagery cheaply and creatively.


He then went on to talk about about the zine he had made for the workshop, talking about process, and the reason behind his zine. The idea of being invisible, disappearing and all thats left are your shoes, or your wallet, or your pens, something so random but that tells something of your character. He went on to explain how he started looking at this and decided to document what he had on him at that moment when he was thinking about it.

So he took everything out of his pockets and laid them on a photocopier.

Then he started thinking about different sides of his character he could show by presenting different objects together on the photocopier. him as an Illustrator, him as a puppet maker, etc. Arranging the tools and various objects in a particular order on the glass until it created some symmetry, something aesthetically pleasing.

He then chose some of these photocopied object designs, and using mono digital printing, he printed other singular colour images over the top, one Red, one Yellow, one Blue. Creating a four colour, almost screen printed effect on a single sheet of A3.

Taking this he then showed us how to make a simple poster Zine, in a few easy steps.


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