Making A Blog

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Creating a blog.

This blog is to be used to record and advertise as well as to explain and document the work we produce throughout this course. This blog is a journal, to document ideas, thoughts, feelings and imagery. We were assigned WordPress as the platform as its the most solid and professional blog site and is still simple and easy to use. Rather than sites like Tumblr, Blogspot which though are simple can be limiting and almost cumbersome in their simplicity.

Screen shot 2015-09-30 at 15.19.54

The first task was signing up, I created my blog name and then created my categories, which consist of: Projects (Sub categories  one, two and three), Visual Research, Blog, Visits, Core Research, CCS and Hothouse Talks. I was then to create a hierarchy or posts and categories and add tags. Tags add a general level of post identification. Then it came to creating pages: I created the mandatory pages, which consist of Homepage, Projects, Blog and About, as well as the sub pages for Projects. Assigning key pages was the next task which included the front page and posts. The final task was adding a menu and managing the location. When all that was complete it came to the important stuff! Writing my first post! I found this process simple when explained as above, and enjoyed working my way around WordPress and now feel confident in using this platform.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 20.39.50

Reflection on group work: As this first task was rather lengthy, we were asked to put ourselves into groups on five or seven. When questioned on “why five or seven?” the reason came to light, and it was that if a decision was to be made, then there could never be a draw… therefore a decision would always be made! In our group we decided it best to open a group chat via Facebook and discuss any issues or queries, and also to decide who would be assigned to each blog post. I found that in this instance group work was imperative, as different people record notes differently and absorb different information to others. This gave us a wide spectrum of information and ideas to include in our blogs, which we then took and tweaked to our personal preference. Our blogs are collaborative but also personal in that sense.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 21.13.59

Working within the Edin theme: The Edin theme is very simple yet works very well for the purpose of this blog. It is a very crisp, professional theme which incorporates large white borders and excellent photograph input opportunities. Upon researching the theme I discovered a variety of things, one being that you can customise almost everything within the theme. Overall I am happy with the chosen theme as it is professional and has a lot of room to customise and change things at a later date.


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