Making A Blog

Creating a blog.

This blog is to be used to record and advertise as well as to explain and document the work we produce throughout this course. This blog is a journal, to document ideas, thoughts, feelings and imagery. We were assigned WordPress as the platform as its the most solid and professional blog site and is still simple and easy to use. Rather than sites like Tumblr, Blogspot which though are simple can be limiting and almost cumbersome in their simplicity. Continue reading Making A Blog

Sara’s Talk (Design Process)


Sara’s main focus throughout this lecture was the process behind the design and to counter the ways in which many were taught to research throughout earlier studies. Where you are taught that to progress and further your designs, you should mimic the styles of other artists and insert some of their techniques into your own work. Sara thought to combat this preformed idea of research.

Continue reading Sara’s Talk (Design Process)

Adrian’s Talk (Types of Learners)


Type Of Learners.

In this lecture Adrian spoke about the different types of learners;

Visual Learners, Auditory and Kinesthetic.

Everyone learns or at least absorbs information in different ways, although everyone is not necessarily isolated to one type, you can change or “migrate” between depending on your situation or context. You can be all three. Continue reading Adrian’s Talk (Types of Learners)

Kieron’s Zine Workshop


Zine Workshop

Keiron started this workshop by explaining what a zine is. A Fanzine. A small self published magazine concentrating on a specific subject (whether that be a Science Fiction zine as they started out as in the 1930s, a music zine celebrating a particular underground music scene, a political movement zine pushing and spreading the ideas of a particular party(Propaganda press), or even just a simple poster zine celebrating an idea about oneself, as he went on to make in the workshop). How they are versatile, cost effective and a great platform for sharing ideas and imagery cheaply and creatively. Continue reading Kieron’s Zine Workshop